Have you ever wondered where your phone or the computer from which you’re reading this post ever come from? The answer: it’s all thanks to manufacturing.Manufacturing provides the foundation for many kinds of innovations and is very much intertwined with the research and development that often result in innovations that improve our standard of living. Although some people might say that manufacturing jobs are dead, the truth is that the manufacturing industry is actually growing. Last year’s U.S. manufacturing GDP was $2.2T, the highest ever recorded, and since 2010, over 800,000 manufacturing jobs have been added.  Other statistics show:

-For every job held in manufacturing, 2.91 jobs are created in another sector

-Every dollar spent on manufacturing equates to $1.37 contributed to the economy overall

-One in every six jobs in the U.S. is a manufacturing position

There is no doubt that the manufacturing industry helps support the global and national economies, as well as individuals and families by creating many jobs for Americans and supporting many other jobs in the economy.

What are the benefits?

So besides providing people with work opportunities, and helping boost the nation’s economy, something that really attracts workers to get into manufacturing is simply just the type of work.

Manufacturing workers claim they "like seeing things come together," and that it's rewarding to participate in the manufacturing process from start to finish. Being able to be part of the process creating something and seeing the final product produces a rewarding feeling for workers. Some workers seek jobs with a specific manufacturer because they like the product:they see it as an opportunity to build stuff they are passionate about. These workers feel a sense of pride by being able to not only to use their own hands but also their brain to produce something that others will use and appreciate. Many like knowing there’s a chance to walk into a store some day and see the actual product they helped to create with their own hands and knowing that this product can actually make a difference for someone.

At Veryable we understand all the benefits that attract our operators and that's why we always want to offer them more opportunities to get involved in manufacturing. If you want to get involved in the manufacturing industry, and you believe you would be a good fit, join our Veryable team and become an operator today by downloading the mobile App from our website: www.veryableops.com.  You can also download directly from the Apple store or Google Play or complete our Web Form if you’re away from your phone.  For any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Veryable recruiting team at (214) 310-0424.