Your Operator Profile

+ How do I sign up?

In order to become a Veryable Operator, you must have a mobile device and download our app from Google Play or the App Store. You won't be able to access the app from a website.

+ What details should I include in my profile?

Your profile will be one of the primary ways businesses assess you when you bid on an Op so we recommend including all of your relevant skills to increase your marketability. You will also be able to upload a picture for your profile but please make sure the picture you select does not reflect negatively on your character.

+ Will this be all the information I need to provide?

If any required information in your account is missing, you will be prompted for that information before you can bid on an Op. All bank information provided will be secured and held strictly private. The only information visible to companies will be your name, photo, skills, and performance ratings.

Generating Income

+ How will I be able to make money using Veryable?

You will define how much money you want to make. Whether you are looking for extra income or full-time income, you will have the opportunity to create a schedule that works best for you.

Searching for Ops and Bidding

+ Why am I not being chosen for any Ops?

The bidding process is exactly that--a process. It may take a couple of days before you are chosen to work your first Op. If you are having trouble getting chosen, it may be because you do not yet have a rating or do not have the skills required to complete that Op. Bidding on Ops with lower pay or longer hours, in the beginning, can help build your profile and credentials.

Performing an Op

+ What do I need to bring when I arrive?

You should bring appropriate work attire for any manufacturing or warehousing environment. This means no loose clothing/jewelry and no open toe shoes or sandals. We highly recommend wearing steel toe shoes and safety glasses regardless of the company’s safety policies. The company will be responsible for providing any unique personal protective equipment required for the environment.

+ Will the quality of my work be recognized and promoted in my profile?

Yes, and this is a very important aspect of the Veryable model. After the completion of every Op, you will be rated based on a number of things including quality, safety, attitude, and timeliness, which will become part of your profile. As you get more positive ratings, your likelihood of being chosen for future Ops will increase.

+ If my friend and I both downloaded the app, why can my friend see some more available Ops?

Some businesses create private labor pools consisting of Operators that have done previous testing and have certain requirements. If you have a friend or family member that has an Op that you can’t see, it is because they have been added to a private labor pool after passing an orientation or special training.

Best Practices

+ How can I best position myself for success?

The best strategies are to ensure that your profile is as complete and informative as possible, and perform high-quality work when completing an Op. These two things will work together to promote your capabilities and performance history to potential companies.

+ How can I earn a steady income using Veryable?

The more Ops you perform, the more efficient you will get. The more efficient you get, the faster you will be able to complete Ops and make money. This will improve your ability to generate high hourly rates.

+ Can I bid on any Op on the Veryable platform?

Yes, but you should only bid on Ops for which you have the necessary skills and physical capability of completing. If you bid on an op that you aren't qualified for, you may be sent home with a poor rating and no pay. Also, you should only bid on Ops that fit your schedule. Once you are accepted for an Op, you are expected to be in attendance for all days, and the Op cannot be adjusted.

+ What are some other methods to increase my personal productivity?

Repeatable Ops at a specific company will allow you to be more comfortable with the work content and, therefore, increase your productivity. In addition, we encourage you to identify best practices within every company you encounter and apply those across the board. We call this cross-pollination and it can be a powerful tool for personal productivity.

Veryable Glossary of Terms

Here is a helpful guide to Veryable terminology:

You become a Veryable Operator when you download the mobile app and complete your Operator Profile.
Work Opportunities are posted on your Veryable dashboard. Each op will include a brief description of work, including business name, distance from you, expected pay, shift duration and op date.
Operators express their interest in performing each Op by placing a Bid. Businesses receive bids and select the most qualified Operators to complete the posted Op. There are 3 steps to the bidding process – bid submitted, bid pending, and bid acceptance.