The Veryable Vision

Make no mistake about it, our mission at Veryable is to help revitalize the manufacturing sector in high cost regions through lower per unit product costs and minimal cost to scale. We are passionate about this mission because we believe that on-demand labor in the manufacturing sector will produce not only higher productivity and economic performance, but positive externalities for our society. Our vision for the future is to eliminate structural unemployment in the manufacturing sector by providing an option for all qualified individuals to seek and obtain daily work opportunities.

Reduction of Structural Unemployment in Manufacturing

In today's industrial environment, we have the opportunity to define and match skills / competencies in broader terms and allow enabling technology or managerial oversight to help bridge the experience gap.  An ex-automotive upholstery assembler should not have to find another automotive upholstery opportunity to earn a living - his or her skills and experience will translate effectively into a number of similar work opportunities.  Structural employment is largely a perceived barrier in manufacturing and on-demand labor is the right tool to help eliminate the problem.

Diverse Experiences and Higher Personal Productivity

In addition, the broader definition of skills and capabilities, will lead to more diverse experiences and cross-pollination of best practices.  Workers that specialize in assembly operations, for example, will gain experience in various manufacturing environments across multiple industries and sectors.  The diversity of experiences will continue to increase the marketability of each operator and equip him or her with experiences that can lead to higher personal productivity, thus higher earning potential for operators and faster turnaround times for business output.

Win-Win for Businesses and Workers

We believe the win-win scenario provided by an on-demand labor market is the critical catalyst needed to finally usher in the manufacturing renaissance desperately needed in the U.S. and other developed countries.  History has shown us that a solid manufacturing base is the key to a prosperous middle class, and we will plan to do our part to strengthen it going forward.