Today more than 30% of American workers are millennials With Millennials practically owning the labor force these days, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain these rising professionals. With the growing gig economy and on-demand labor, millennials are becoming drawn to jump into the workforce. On-demand jobs are appealing to millennials because they offer exactly what they are looking for: flexibility, technology, and no college degree requirement.


The number one factor that attracts millennials to the gig economy is flexibility. Millennials crave flexibility, and it’s shown to be one of the most important factors they evaluate when looking for work. While some businesses still worry about allowing too much flexibility in the workforce, according to a Bentley University study, 77% of millennials believe their level of productivity increases when they have flexible schedules.  Today, millennials have no interest in the traditional 9-to-5 schedule. They would rather set their own hours and be able to work at their own schedule while still getting the job done. Here at Veryable, we understand the importance of having a flexible schedule and that’s why we make this one of our defining characteristics. One of the things that attracts our operators the most is that they know they have the ability to set their own schedule and work wherever they want to work, and however many hours they want to work. Work-life balance is a priority for many Veryable operators, and that’s why they choose to work with Veryable.


Millennials thrive on technology. More than 96% of millennials say they are always or almost always online. When they need more information, 70% of them turn to a search engine online. Millennials crave convenience and ease of use. According toNielsen, almost all millennials today have access to a mobile phone, and it is their preferred method of accessing the internet. This makes the Veryable App very appealing to millennials. When we tell them about how our mobile App works, they absolutely love the idea. The Veryable App allows them to bypass the traditional job search process...allowing them to find work in just a matter of days instead of weeks or months.  All they have to do is download the Veryable App and complete their profile.  There are no written applications, pre-screening calls, interviews, etc.  Everything is done through the Veryable App, even getting paid. Can it get any easier than this?

No College, No Problem

Attending college is not cheap by any means and given the amount of loan debt that students are left with, more millennials are having second thoughts about going to college and many believe college isn’t giving them the right solution to their problems. That’s why millennials are all about finding work opportunities where they are not required to have a college degree. On-demand labor is providing this opportunity for them. Although we are not saying college isn’t highly beneficial, our platform takes into consideration other factors when it comes to becoming one of our operators, such as skills. The Veryable App provides work opportunities for all skill levels, and allows operators to choose from beginner, experienced or advanced when setting up your Veryable profile.  If you are responsible and have a good work-ethic, Veryable has work opportunities for you!  

You can check our previous blog post Why on-demand work is right for you if you'd like more reasons to convince yourself that on-demand labor is the solution to your problems. If you believe on-demand labor is attractive to you and it’s something you’d be interested, then join the Veryable platform and become an operator today!Start to enjoy these benefits by downloading the mobile App from our  You can also download directly from theApple storeorGoogle Play, or complete ourWeb Formif you’re away from your phone.  For any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Veryable recruiting team at (214) 310-0424.