As both employers and employees know, there’s a perpetual struggle to balance between the interests of a company and those of its employees. Companies benefit by cutting costs while increasing production, whereas workers benefit from increased pay and flexible hours. As we’ve mentionedbefore, neither party can be faulted for these expectations, which is why it is high time for a solution that satisfies everyone’s needs. And that’s exactly what a shared labor pool creates: a competitive environment that benefits both sides of the equation.

Motivation through competition

At Veryable, we’ve created a marketplace of on-demand labor that motivates businesses and operators alike. The competitive environment of our shared labor poolcreates clear benefitsfor everyone involved. Operators are incentivized to exceed performance expectations and broaden their skillsets, which allows them to win more and better work opportunities, while businesses are incentivized to offer competitive pay and work environments to attract the highest skilled operators.

Incentivized excellence

In a traditional factory setting, there is little to no incentive for workers to surpass expectations. In contrast, an operator using Veryable is strongly motivated to excel because higher performance ratings give them a competitive edge over their peers. Not only does this allow operators to win higher paying work opportunities, it also gives them a greater sense of autonomy and control over their career, which is almost non-existent in traditional shop floor positions.

In the same vein, businesses are also motivated to improve and excel through the shared labor pool because those that offer competitive pay and better work conditions will attract the best operators.  In addition, there is incredible value to businesses in merely building their specific labor pools of familiar, qualified operators.  With turnover rates and global cost pressures at historical highs, having a stable pool of 500 local operators available on-demand is a much more effective operations strategy than trying to continuously maintain 100 full timers and all the churn that results from continuous turnover, absenteeism, etc.

Win-win situation

In conclusion, Veryable’s approach to shared labor pools creates an environment of competition and accountability that benefits everyone involved. Whether you’re interested in using Veryable as a business or an operator, we can offer you the opportunity to exceed. Please visit us atwww.veryableops.comfor contact information and additional details.