Higher Demands on Manufacturing

The New Manufacturing Environment 

At Veryable, we refer to it as “The Amazon Effect.”  If you own or operate a manufacturing business today, you may not be familiar with this phrase but you are most likely experiencing its impact.  The Amazon Effect alludes to the rapid increase in customer expectations across all industries and sectors: short lead times, high on-time delivery, customized products and services, shorter product life cycles, and personalized customer service.  In short, having a custom product on your doorstep within days is the new bar for customer expectations.

In light of the increasing customer demands, operational flexibility and agility have never been more important.  Manufacturers are feeling the squeeze: delighting the customer and continuing to increase productivity are difficult to achieve in parallel and are requiring many companies to rethink their operating models.  Successful businesses today cannot survive without doing both.

Impact on Manufacturing Businesses

“The assembly line can only work only if you have a standardized product” – Henry Ford

The ability to efficiently manage fixed assets and human capital with the help of technology enablers is the key to driving productivity and responsiveness.  Traditional supply planning methods are about targeting averages – this frequently leaves companies behind the ball during order spikes and with inflated cost structures during the troughs.  With many solutions now emerging to improve fixed asset efficiency, we see antiquated labor management practices as the next barrier toward unlocking a manufacturing renaissance in higher cost regions.  Operations managers know that that the real key to success is through operational flexibility, i.e., striving for the mythical “infinite flexible capacity.”

The New Paradigm for Labor Supply Management

We believe that the landscape is ready for a new paradigm shift that gets us closer to the operations manager’s aspiration.  The on-demand economy gives manufacturers a new option for labor flexibility and Veryable has developed an on-demand labor solution specifically catering to manufacturing and distribution environments.  Our vision is to create a real-time marketplace for labor on demand where businesses like yours never have to turn down orders due to labor capacity constraints and never get stuck with an inflated cost structure in a down cycle.  Infinite flexible capacity is now a real possibility.

Low unemployment, seasonal hiring, and your business

A Booming Economy and Seasonal Labor

The US economy continues to roar – unemployment, currently at 3.9%, is at a 15-year low. Strong performance from the retail sector indicates a surge in an industry that’s had a tough decade – with some commenting that retail is entering a “renaissance” era. This month the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, reported its best quarterly sales gain in a decade, and Target reported its largest gains in 13 years. Production increases in the manufacturing sector rose .8% in June, and .3% in July. As consumers continue to be optimistic (a 17-year high), logistics and distribution companies will face constraints that have not been present in the market for more than a decade.

These economic metrics are good news for the country – but it only means one thing to those responsible for operational performance behind the good news. The impacts of seasonality will reach crisis mode – companies competing for labor will spike wage rates or offer overtime as an up-front benefit.

The worst practitioners of these tactics will even market seasonal positions as having potential for full-time hire, when they already know a down cycle naturally occurs in Q1. Many companies that enjoy low turnover and high labor retention throughout the year will see workers jump ship for marginal wage increases – effectively starting a bidding war.

There are two paths for operations leaders to take:

1) The status quo: enter the bidding war and hope for the best. This scenario requires businesses to forfeit the maximum benefit and good fortune of a booming economy. Labor costs go up, productivity remains stagnate or declines – it requires giving up profit by over-committing to methods such as full-time seasonal hiring, or utilizing expensive augmentation via temp staffing

2) Embrace change: meet the demands of a new, booming economy with a tech advantage and a labor marketplace that drives individual performance, tailors labor to demand, and meets the needs of customers

The Veryable Solution

At Veryable, we believe operations leaders should be empowered to face challenges presented in this economy. By utilizing Veryable’s on-demand marketplace, your business can post Ops when your full-time workforce reaches capacity. For seasonal hiring, your business can end the annual, predictable cycle of trying to flex capacity through traditional full-time hiring or temp staffing, only to see all the training investment walk out the door in January. The best part of utilizing a marketplace is that you know what you’re getting – businesses on the platform rate the Operators based on performance. When the need arises, you can select your “favorite” Operators to come back to work.

Seize the opportunity to thrive in this economic upturn, and Veryable can help you make the most of it! Get a head start on building your labor pool at company.veryableops.com.

For more information about Veryable on-demand labor for warehouse and distribution applications, please view our website at: www.yourlaborpool.com or www.veryableops.com.

5 Tips on How to Communicate Better on the Job

Relationships fail because partners don’t communicate, and work opportunities can go the same way. Take our advice and focus on improving your communication skills, you can only succeed from there!


Attitude is everything! If you are open to learning with a positive attitude, you are more likely to be asked back to a work opportunity. People will want to be around you if you’re smiling and enjoying your work. Encourage others, work as a team when needed, and let your supervisors know that you’re appreciative of them!


While it’s tempting to talk about your weekend on the shop floor, keep that for your break time. Particularly when speaking with supervisors, stay professional and respectful at all times. Make an intentional effort to show respect and you’ll be respected back.


Supervisors need a job done, but they need it done well. Make sure you are listening to instructions, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if something isn’t clear. Listening is a practiced skill, and will greatly improve your relationships outside of work, too.


You were purposively selected for a work opportunity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn on the job. Know that constructive criticism is to help you grow, and always be willing to learn something new or improve a skill. If you want to go above and beyond, specifically ask for feedback!


Oftentimes, your non-verbal communication gives away more than your words. Non-verbals include posture, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and anything you do with your body. Make sure to be noticing how you hold yourself during your interactions with supervisors.


So, you’re heading to work today! Now that you’ve been given an opportunity with a business, you want to build a good relationship with them. Maybe your op is for a day or maybe it’s for a week, but you never know what the future holds. You may want to work for them in the future, and you definitely want to keep your 5 star rating on the Veryable app so your other work opportunities can increase. How are you using your communication on the job to make sure you represent yourself well?

Online Platforms Growing On-Demand Labor

Online Growth

Veryable offers a marketplace for on-demand labor that allows businesses and workers to connect. This use of a digital platform is similar to companies such as Uber, where a service is provided on-demand. According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s report, discussed in our previous blog, around 15% of independent workers have used an online platform to find work, but this number is growing. The benefits of using a digital shared labor pool are endless. The MGI survey gives us a few concrete examples of the benefits of an online platform.  

How will the market change now that the digital world is expanding?


The internet allows companies and workers to explore work opportunities at the touch of a button. This connection is available, at any time, to any person, meaning that online platforms provide a larger reach. Veryable is available to anyone with a smartphone. Currently, we have work opportunities in DFW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and are expanding to west Texas and more. Have you downloaded it yet?

An online platform allows for real-time information. This increases efficiency and ability to match a business’s needs with a worker’s skills. You can input your skills in the app and keep your experience updated and relevant. Businesses can post for work opportunities in advance, or even for the next day. On-demand truly means any time.

Low Risk

The medium of an app can allow for a building of trust and relationships. Through online reviews of both businesses and workers, credibility is established through ratings and feedback from past experiences. Risk from both sides is low, especially through Veryable. On-demand labor allows for the length of work opportunities to be determined by the business, and for the worker to decide if they want to work that long before they bid. Ultimately, this builds an established labor pool of trusted workers for businesses. These labor pools consist of workers who have a proven track record of doing well at a particular business, and the business will invite them back consistently.

Low Cost

The cost for all parties involved is low. Veryable, as an online platform, only asks users for three prerequisites – a background check, tax forms, and bank information so you can get paid. There is no cost for users to explore and bid on work opportunities. Simply create a profile and have instant access to the platform. Businesses experience lower costs than using staffing agencies, including several other benefits we discuss here. Ultimately, everything is done online. Veryable is a solely online marketplace for work and business needs – no storefront required.

All you need is a smart phone and yourself, so get started today! Download Veryable from the App Store on Apple devices and the Google Play store on Android devices. If you have a business interested in what Veryable can offer, contact businesses@veryableops.com for more information. 

Why Independent Workers Are Taking Over The World

Millions of people around the world are waving goodbye to the traditional cubicle work life and saying hello to independent work. In a 2016 report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), we can explore the numbers and the reasons why so many people are making the switch.

Why are millions of people defying the norm of a full-time office job? Recent research shows that “independent work” is increasing within the working-age population. MGI’s 2016 global survey showed that up to 30 percent of the working-age population earn income through independent work. Veryable offers employment in this category as on-demand labor, where operators get to choose what work opportunities to bid on.

On-demand labor offers freedom and flexibility to the worker. The autonomy experienced with on-demand labor is one of the key reasons millions of people have been joining this labor pool. This allows for individuals to manage their personal work-life balance in the way you prefer. Operators choose the work and hours they want, and get paid quickly. Short-term opportunities offer an opportunity for workers to break up the mundane and gain experience with several different businesses.

Better yet, this kind of work is truly for everyone and anyone. The MGI survey reports that this workforce is incredibly diverse in terms of age, gender, education, and income level. You have a place here.

Although people choose on-demand labor for different reasons, the study reveals that those who choose to earn their primary living as an independent worker are highly satisfied with their work. Not ready to commit to the lifestyle? The study also reports that those who are classified in the casual earner category, meaning they supplement their primary income with this kind of work, are also more satisfied than those with traditional jobs. Higher satisfaction includes categories such as overall work life, hours worked, independence, atmosphere, empowerment, creativity, flexible hours, and recognition.

With a wide variety of viable choices of work opportunities on Veryable’s online platform, job satisfaction will only continue to rise. Using an on-demand labor model such as Veryable could allow you to earn the supplemental income you’ve been hoping to improve your finances. Additionally, the study reveals that millions of workers in traditional jobs desire to make the switch to independent work. What’s holding you back?

If you want to join the millions of people already in the on-demand labor pool, Veryable is the place to be for manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse work. Download the app on your iPhone or Android device by registering at www.veryableops.com. For more information on the McKinsey Global Institute’s survey, view their report here

The New Tax Reform might benefit YOU as a Veryable Operator

After President Trump’s new tax reform was implemented this past February 2018, being an independent contractor might be the best option for you this year.

For the longest time, W-2 employees paid lower taxes compared to independent contractors and also received more benefits, but not anymore! The tax new law offers a more direct benefit for independent workers.

You might be wondering how does the new tax reform benefit independent contractors? Well, the new tax law lets “independent” workers deduct 20% of their income before paying the new, lower individual tax rates signed into law by President Trump.  As an independent contractor, this will significantly reduce your federal taxable income. The pass-through deduction can easily save you thousands of dollars overall in taxes.

The new tax reform is likely to encourage more people to make the switch from employee to independent contractor.  Switching from employee to independent contractor is being considered a top strategy to maximize your future tax deductions. In fact, Intuit, the maker of Turbo Tax, predicts the gig economy will almost double to 7.7 million workers in 2020.

On previous blog posts, we’ve talked about the many benefits of working as a Veryable operator and being an independent contractor.  Now, with the new tax reform, the benefits just keep adding up. If you are already a Veryable operator, the new tax form will make you love your work even more than you already do; however, if you still aren’t, now is the time to make the switch to an independent contractor and start to enjoy all the benefits.

If you are tired of working for someone else and you’re ready to make the switch once and for all, become a Veryable operator today!  You can get started today by downloading the mobile App from our website: www.veryableops.com.  You can also download directly from the Apple store or Google Play, or complete our Web Form if you’re away from your phone.  For any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Veryable recruiting team at (214) 310-0424.

Overtime pay in a tight labor market – there’s a better way!

The US economy is currently experiencing larger growth than it has seen in a long time – the unemployment rate is 4.1%, Q1 US GDP is expected to hit 3%, and consumer confidence has reached the highest levels in 14 years.

The manufacturing sector is also pacing this growth – manufacturing productivity is expected to hit 3% in 2018, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

Labor and economic booms

All of this is great news for businesses and consumers – but economic booms can bring unexpected challenges. Specifically, growth can create constraints in the labor market – it becomes more expensive to attract employees, more expensive to maintain current workforce with larger incentives, and attrition within companies can accelerate as long-time workers jump ship for higher pay somewhere else.

These circumstances lead to an offer that is becoming all too common in hiring processes – offering overtime pay as an incentive for joining a company. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, overtime hours for non-management employees in manufacturing are at the highest levels in 18 years, averaging 4.8 hours per employee. The listings are out there, and your company may even be offering it now – “position includes benefits and overtime pay!”.

Overtime was never designed to be an added benefit, and frankly, is being offered as an incentive by those who are not responsible for operational performance first hand.

Operations leaders know that overtime pay decreases productivity, drives workforce dissatisfaction, impacts profitability, and quickly becomes an entitlement that can be hard to unwind over the long run. The good fortune of operating in an economic upswing should not simply be forfeited as a means to attract talent.

The Veryable solution

At Veryable, we believe the opportunity of an economic boom should never be wasted – and the benefits of operating in one can be accelerated by creating an on-demand labor pool. Businesses now have the ability to post an Op in real time, and match labor force to the exact required output from increased demand. No more staff augmentation, no more long-term contracts, and no more weathering the re-hiring process. Most importantly, no more increases in overtime pay: post Ops when your workforce reaches capacity and bring in Veryable to reduce the backlog and work the additional hours. Add capacity to your current shifts and decrease it if/when demand and backlog decline. The best part: select your “favorite” Operators to come back when the need arises. The Veryable platform has thousands of operators with a range of skillsets and experience for all manufacturing environments.

Seize the opportunity to thrive in a high-performance economy, and Veryable can help you make the most of it!

For more information about Veryable on-demand labor for manufacturing and warehouse applications, please view our website at: www.yourlaborpool.com or www.veryableops.com.

Smartphones are changing the way we work

Let’s face it, today mobile devices are integrated into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Just think back to the last time you didn’t have a smartphone, or other mobile device with you? Can’t remember? And how often have you used your phone for work? The answer is probably more often than you think!

We’ve gathered some statistics to show how mobile is changing the way we work in today’s economy.

1.  On average, about 81% of adults in the United States have smartphones, and those phones are used on average about one hour and 39 minutes per day to consume media.

2.  Cellphone users touch their phones approximately 2,617 times in a day.

3.  In an average day, 40% of people use only their smartphone to perform an online search because it meets their immediate needs.

4.  Millennials beat all other age groups for smartphone ownership (77%), as well as time spent on them (over two hours per day).

5.  Smartphones are used daily by 87% of millennials.

6.  Generation X also has a big daily smartphone usage — 60% to be exact.

7.  Almost a fifth of time spent consuming digital media is for social networking, and 61% of these occurrences happen through a smartphone app.

8.  75% percent of U.S. users download at least one app daily.

9.  28% of Americans use a smartphone in their job search, and half of them filled out a job application from their phone.

Given these statistics, mobile is clearly here to stay, and your mobile device is no longer just for phone calls, but a tool for making our everyday lives easier. Think about how often you catch a ride, look up directions, or check your bank account on a mobile device. Having these resources in the palm of your hand can be an instant time saver. The convenience and accessibility that mobile phones offer is what we are all embracing.

That’s why Veryable has created the easiest way for you to look for work and get paid all through the convenience of an app. With our Veryable App, we are connecting millions of workers with millions of work opportunities and our operators absolutely love the concept!

Clearly the integration of mobile for finding instant work is having a lot of success and it has only started! With our technology you won’t regret switching from the old and inefficient job seeking ways to our convenient way of finding work instantly all through your Mobile Veryable App.

So if you’re ready to switch to a more modern approach of looking for work, join the Veryable platform TODAY. Download the mobile App from our website: www.veryableops.com.  You can also download directly from the Apple store or Google Play, or complete our Web Form if you’re away from your phone.  For any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Veryable recruiting team at (214) 310-0424.

Happy Texas Independence Day!

For the proudest of Texans, March 2 is the most important day of the year. On this day we celebrate Texas Independence Day! Veryable is so proud to be able to provide so many work opportunities to our Texan operators and connect with so many businesses in the great state of Texas. We thought we would share a little bit of the history of how Texas became forever independent 182 years ago.

The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed at Washington-on-the-Brazos, now commonly referred to as the “birthplace of Texas.” Similar to the United States Declaration of Independence, this document focused on the rights of citizens to “life” and “liberty” but with an emphasis on the “property of the citizen.”

The Texas Declaration of Independence was issued during a revolution against the Mexican government that began in October 1835 following a series of government edicts including dissolution of state legislatures, disarmament of state militias, and abolition of the Constitution of 1824.

By December 1835, Texans (Anglo-American settlers) and Tejanos (Texans of mixed Mexican and Indian descent) captured the town of San Antonio. Two months later, on February 23, 1836, Mexican troops under General Antonio López de Santa Anna arrived in San Antonio to retake the city. Although Sam Houston ordered Texans to abandon San Antonio, a group of rebels decided to defend the town and make their stand at an abandoned Spanish mission, the Alamo.

For twelve days, Mexican forces laid siege to the Alamo. On March 6, four days after Texas declared independence, Mexican troops scaled the mission’s walls; 183 defenders were killed, including several Mexicans who had fought for Texas independence, and their oil-soaked bodies were set on fire outside the Alamo. The Republic of Texas won its independence on April 21, 1836, with a final battle along the San Jacinto River.

If you wan’t to be part of our 5,000 team of Operators in Texas, join our Veryable Platform TODAY! Download our mobile App from our website: www.veryableops.com.  You can also download directly from the Apple store or Google Play, or complete our Web Form if you’re away from your phone. Then make sure you’ve already completed your pre-reqs (including filling out you bank information), and you’re all set to begin to work! For any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Veryable recruiting team at (214) 310-0424.

Five Reasons to Love Manufacturing

There are so many reasons to love manufacturing. We thought it would be a good idea to share some of our favorite things we love about this industry:

1. Constantly Changing

A lot of industries don’t shift their trajectories very often; but not manufacturing. There’s always something new, something exciting, and something awesome in the works. In fact, today the implementation of advanced technologies in manufacturing has brought change that would have been unimaginable just a decade ago resulting in increased speed, customization, precision, and efficiency. This just means we should be thankful for manufacturing making our lives easier each day.

2. Provides Work

The manufacturing industry accounts for nearly 9 percent of the American workforce. That means a lot of lives depend on the industry. It’s great news, then, that the unemployment rate within the industry is at a historic low point, and that manufacturers continue to look for workers throughout the country. That’s why at Veryable, we decided to make it easier for you and provide you with an App where you can find lots of work opportunities available for you to choose and start working as soon as possible! Once you sign up with Veryable, we make sure to always have work available for you.

3. The Economy Depends On It

The manufacturing industry doesn’t just support the people who work in the industry, but it is also the backbone of the American and international economies. According to statistics, Manufacturers contributed more than $2.2 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2016, and for every dollar spent within the industry, another $1.81 is added to the economy. Manufacturing has such a great impact on the economy with something called the “multiplier effect.” That is, the wages from manufacturing workers are re-spent in other parts of the economy this is because many industries (especially service industries) depend on goods produced through manufacturing.

4. Provides Work Satisfaction

Work satisfaction is the sense of fulfillment and pride people feel when they enjoy their work and perform it well. One of the challenges that a lot of industries face is keeping people motivated and satisfied doing their work; but this is certainly not the case with manufacturing. A study on job satisfaction in the manufacturing industry was looked at the job satisfaction level of the workers in the organization and various factors involved in it. The results of the study showed that the majority of the workers in the manufacturing industry felt work satisfaction when given the appropriate work conditions and safe environment. From our personal experience with our Operators, we can definitely confirm their work satisfaction when they’ve found work with Veryable. We’ve heard from many of our Operators that one of the many reasons they choose Veryable is because they have the ability to work doing what they love!

5. It’s For Everyone

The manufacturing industry has got to be one of the most inclusive sectors of the economy. Nearly 30 percent of the workforce is made up of women, and that number is rising. Today, manufacturing businesses don’t really have a preference in what they look for, and the majority focus on looking for ways to attract hard working people whether it’s women, young professionals, veterans, older generations, or pretty much any one with the required skills who is willing to hop into the industry. That’s why at Veryable, we don’t even require experience in the field. We have work opportunities for all levels of experience and for ANYONE who has the motivation and will to start making money with us!

If you’re convinced by the many reasons why you should be working in the manufacturing industry, then sign up with Veryable today. Download the mobile App from our website: www.veryableops.com.  You can also download directly from the Apple store or Google Play, or complete our Web Form if you’re away from your phone.  For any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Veryable recruiting team at (214) 310-0424.