About Veryable

Our mission is to revitalize the manufacturing and logistics sectors with a new labor model: an on-demand marketplace built on a sharing economy model for skilled blue collar labor.  The “pooled labor” approach provides businesses with access to infinite, flexible capacity in real time, allowing them to grow revenue and eliminate the cost to scale.  At the same time, it gives any skilled worker continuous access to income. We are committed to transforming an antiquated and inefficient labor market into one that puts more people to work and eliminates constraints and unnecessary burdens on businesses.

Problem Definition

Manufacturing and logistics companies are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s economy. The age-old challenge of capacity constraints has not only persisted, but multiplied due to higher demands for customization and lower lead times. Most manufacturers are consistently constrained by their fixed workforce and forced to turn down attractive orders due to an inability to scale quickly and efficiently. This is an unfortunate situation given the level of underemployment in the manufacturing sector and the number of workers still on the sideline seeking employment.

The recent influx of new operational technology and IoT platforms are offering businesses with sophisticated tools to manage and optimize their assets. However, despite the rise of the new enabling technology, labor management practices (fixed work schedules, hourly rate, repetition/specialization, high supervision) have not changed in nearly 50 years. Veryable provides an alternative to the outdated practices by providing a pool of qualified, on-demand resources ready to go – a win-win for businesses and the workforce.

Benefits to Workers

Veryable provides value to workers in terms of flexibility, higher incomes, and more work opportunities:

Flexibility – work when you want to, where you want to, no long-term work obligations
Higher Income – perform good work, receive positive ratings, and win as much work as you want
Opportunities – you’re never unemployed as long as you have the Veryable App

Benefits to Businesses

Veryable offers businesses the tool they need to get cost structures in order and grow revenues when the opportunities arise. Small businesses are often constrained by the ability to establish scale in order to deliver on incremental volume and larger companies are frequently under incredible productivity pressure and need to find new ways to create labor efficiency. On-demand labor can introduce step level value creation.

Revenue Growth – zero cost to scale, infinite flexible capacity
Lower Administrative Burdens – no onboarding/training/benefits costs
Cost Structure Improvements – potentially >50% of labor cost per unit output



Find work in your area and start making money.  Create your own schedule. Gain valuable experience with local companies. Start your Veryable experience today by downloading the app here.

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